Masheru Fashion


Machel Sandy, born on the 18th day of September 1987, became aware of his talents from a very tender age. Growing up around his Mother (Fashion Designer/Seamstress) and sister ( Former Miss Trinidad and Tobago Delegate) Made it obvious that he would accumulate certain skills and abilities in the Fashion and Beauty Culture arena, however he took the initiative to maximize and explore these skills, and so he began his journey to help every Woman and Man find their inner and outer beauty.

Masheru grew to love his talents and how he can put a smile on people's face by using such. Academic success soon came and he is presently on the final stretch to achieving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management w/ Minor in Education. The years of practice, training, success and observation has paid off. Machel Sandy is no new comer to Fashion and Makeup Artistry, having designed an array of garments and evening gowns which won numerous "Best Gown" Awards in pageants, and having the ability to show his fashion on national stages, newspapers and Magazines. Much like with fashion, Machel's raw untouched skills in the Makeup Artistry and Styling field, have also earned him "Best Hair and Makeup" Awards and the ability to work with local recording Artists and International Photographers.

Now partnered with various free lancers and companies, Masheru is ready to soar and show the world the creativity of his mind, the skills of his hands and the love he has for every creed, race and stature.

 Skills: Fashion Design, Makeup Artistry, Model Management and Training,Styling, Art and Craft, Graphics,  Hairstyling, Event Programs, Event Planning, Fashion Consultation, Photography and more !!!!



Our mission statement concentrates on the four key components that we consider essential to our customers, our investors, our staff and the community in which we operate.

Beauty is not bounded by color, ethnicity, size, looks or fortune, we all have beautiful souls and its up to us to find it and reveal it. At Masheru, we make sure of this!